To provide a solid user experience on the TradeKax Exchange (the “Exchange”), the Exchange has set these special treatment rules (“Rules”).

Projects at risk of being delisted will be put into the “Special Treatment”(“ST”) category and subjected to mandatory review over a specified period of time. The Exchange may designate a target project as a Special Treatment project, at risk of being delisted after the observation period, in case of any of the following situations (“Negative Situations”):

Once designated as “Special Treatment” by the Exchange, the Project shall place a special designation on its ticker symbol during a certain observation period as a warning. Special Treatment is a warning of potential delisting. The ST Project shall be subjected to close observation and scrutiny during the observation period.

The Exchange may delist the ST Project if the Project fails to meet the basic liquidity requirements by the end of the observation period. Correspondingly, if the basic liquidity rises and exceeds the requirement threshold by the end of the observation period, the ST ticker symbol will be removed.

The Exchange may, during the observation period, decide to delist the ST Project if the Exchange believes the ST Project fails to take necessary actions to remedy the Negative Situation. Nevertheless, the Exchange reserves the right, in its sole discretion and without prior notice, to immediately delist the ST Project if the Exchange believes circumstances warrant so.

Upon being delisted by the Exchange, any trade or deposit of the Project will be suspended. A new approval and listing procedure shall be carried out in case the delisted Project wants to return to the Exchange. The Exchange reserves the right to modify any term of these Rules without prior notice. Shall you have any inquiry, please contact your account manager.

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