Two-Factor Authentication

Google Auth (2FA) Binding Failure

In case you find binding failure on your page, you can switch to the following solutions: 

Check if ‘Google Authenticator’ application is installed on your registered mobile phone

Synchronize your time zone on your mobile phone and computer

Check the login password and 2FA code

2FA Code Error

In some cases, users receive ‘2FA code error’ after they input the Google authentication code. To resolve this issue, you can simply follow the instructions as: 

Synchronize time on your computer and your mobile phone. 

Open Google chrome using incognito code and login to your TradeKax account

Clear cookies and caches from your browser

Try and login from your registered mobile application

How to Reset Google (“2FA”) ?

If the Google Authenticator in your system is working normally, you can disable Google 2FA manually. In order to do so, log-in on your TradeKax account and look for the ‘security’ icon. You will find the ‘disable’ button next to the Google Authentication option. At this point, you will be restricted from withdrawing any of your assets for the next 24 hours. 

Now to reset your Google 2FA, follow the instructions as: 

Log-in to your TradeKax account. You will be asked to input the Google 2FA code. In order to reset, click on ‘Can’t access Google Authenticator?’

Check the on-screen reminder on the page and tick the boxes carefully to reset. Then click on ‘confirm your reset request’. It will ask for facial verification on the next page. Click on ‘PC Authentication’ and then confirm to proceed with the process. 

That’s it! Your reset is successfully processed.



Security Tips

It is important to keep your TradeKax account secure. In order to do so, you can remember a couple of things like: 

Do not share your account details and password with anyone

Do not call any mobile number that says they work in TradeKax support team

Do not transfer any money to anyone who claims to be Tradekax employee

Enable two-factor authentication using SMS authentication as well as Google Authenticator

Securing Your Trading Account

Following is the list of security recommendations that you can keep in mind for your TradeKax account. 

1. Keep your email address and password unique for your account

2. Enable 2FA authentication and verification for your account

3. Always check the domain name and address before you log-in

4. Do not click on the unknown attachments in your mailbox

5. Enable anti-phishing code on your TradeKax account

6. Use PGP and secure your mail address and phone

7. Secure your computer system

8. Subscribe to authenticated antivirus software and keep it updated at all times

9. Use a secure internet connection

How to Prevent Phishing Attacks

What is a phishing attack?

The security system includes some of the weakest and important aspects that include people. And thus, it is important to enabling vigilance at all times. Phishing attacks can be seen in several manners:

A spoofed message that you might receive on your mail address will generally include spelling mistakes, unsmooth words, misspelt domain names and address, strange syntax, and so on. Do not click on such messages and emails. 

Attackers also create a notification with a sense of urgency. For instance, you might receive an email with account expiration threat. Ignore such emails. 

Phishing attache can be in the following ways: 

Keep your Google Chrome updated at all times. Update browser will warn you of phishing attacks or high-risk website which might be unsafe. 

Always log-in on your account with TradeKax website only (without any extra syntax)

Look for SSL certificate on the domain address

Enable two-factor authentication, which includes 2FA Google and 2FA SMS. Do not disclose your backup keys to anyone or enter the same to any website. If your username or password is compromised, 2FA authentication prevents the usage of your credentials further. 


Account Access

How to Complete Identity Verification ?

Go to TradeKax website and log-in to your account with your details. Once you are on the dashboard, look for the ‘User Center’ icon and click on ‘Identity Verification’. 

Then choose your identity type” Personal or Enterprise”. Click on personal for individual accounts and enterprise for a commercial account. 

Fill in the details properly and click on begin verification. Keep your passport ready with you, because that is most asked identification on the platform. You will be asked to take a picture from your webcam, so make sure that your webcam is working properly. 

After facial identification, you will be asked to scan the OR code from your mobile application to proceed with the process. Once the procedure is done please wait patiently, as verification may take 2-3 business working days.

How to Unlock an Account

If your account is locked or frozen, please visit the TradeKax site. Log-in with your details. You will find the icon of ‘unlock’ on your screen. Click on the same to start the reactivation process. You will be directed to terms and conditions page. Read the content properly and then click on ‘accept’ on given information. Then click on ‘reactivate account’ icon on the screen.  

If your identification set-up is already done, you will just be asked to verify the facial identification. Complete the facial identification and click on ‘submit’. 

It’s done! You will be able to unlock your account 

How to disable account

In order to disable your account, there are various ways to proceed with the same. 

For mobile application users, open your application and log-in with your details. Then go to account tap and look for ‘-‘symbol. Click on this symbol to disable your account. 

Another way to do the same is to look for an email from TradeKax on your mailbox. You can type ‘disable your account’ on the search icon on your mailbox and look for an email with the link to disable your account. 

 One more way to do the same is to navigate to the ‘security’ icon and select ‘disable account’ tab. You will find this option in account’s user centre.


Beginner's Guide

How to Register

Go on the TradeKax website. In order to sign-up, click on the ‘register’ tab and fill up all the necessary information required. In order to generate a password, keep it complicated to secure your account. Verify your account and click on ‘register’ to proceed further. You will find the confirmation email in your mailbox. 

On go back on the log-in page and you will find a pop-up on the screen. Enable 2FA that will help with better security of your account. That’s it, you are done! Your account will be registered. 

How to deposit

On the dashboard when you log-in to your account, you will find the icon of ‘Deposit/Withdrawal’ under the fund’s tab on the right corner of the page. 

Now the screen will show the names of all the coins. Search the name of the coins that you wish to deposit. Select the ‘deposit’ button next to the coin. Deposit address of each coin is different, so make sure you click on the correct deposit icon. 

The address of the coin will be generated in ‘LTC Deposit Address’ (for example). 

You can check the deposit history in ‘Deposits/Withdrawals’ tab on your screen.

How to trade

Go on TradeKax website and log-in with your details. Consider an example of purchasing BNB coin at the current Bitcoin price. In order to trade, choose the BTC Market and input BNB in the search box. You can click on the trading pair of BNB/BTC on the trading page.

You will see the trading page of the trading pair you will select. The display will include the following segment: 

- TradeKax announcements
- The 24-hour volume of current trading pair

- Buy/Sell order book

- Order type

- K-Line and Market depth

- Buy/sell area

- Switch areas of different trading pairs

- Display of successful transaction price

In order to buy/sell BNB (for instance), use the buy/sell area on the site. Enter the price and amount in order to place the order. Few sections you will see the notice: 

The default price will be displayed in the price area of the last transaction. For a quick transaction, you can choose the market order. 

You can change the limit order to 0.1 if you want to place 0.1 orders

How to Withdraw from Tradekax

Log-in to your profile on TradeKax site. Click on the ‘Withdraw’ icon to direct to the withdraw page. Select the coin you wish to withdraw from. The icon selection will be seen on the left corner of the page. Withdraw details will be seen on the right corner. If you cannot select the pair to withdraw, that’s when wallet will be under maintenance. In such cases, wait for some time till the maintenance is running on the background. 

If you wish to withdraw BNB (for example), you will be required to fill the MEMO. You might lose your finds if you do not send BNB to another exchange. If you are sure that you will not need a MEMO, then you can select ‘NO MEMO’ icon. 

Next, you need the type the number of coins that you wish to withdraw from the account. On the occasion of withdrawing the entire amount, click on ‘available balance’ that will withdraw the entire displayed amount. 



Deposit Has Not Been Credited

Why has my deposit not been credited at this point? 

A benefits withdrawal set apart as "finished" or "achievement" in one trade framework implies that the transaction was effectively communicated to the blockchain network. It may at present require some investment for that specific transaction to turn out to be completely affirmed and credited to the goal trade. The amount of required "network affirmations" fluctuates for various blockchains. 

Because of the conceivable network clog of blockchain networks, there may have been a huge deferral in handling your transaction. You may utilize the transaction ID (TxID) to look into the status of your benefits move straight in its blockchain network. 

In the event that the transaction has not yet been completely affirmed by the blockchain network hubs, it would be ideal if you hold up intolerance and attempt again later. 

In the event that the transaction is unverified by the blockchain network, however it has additionally arrived at the base amount of network affirmations indicated by our framework please contact our Support group and make a ticket with TxID, coin/token name, deposit amount and move time. Our Customer Support group will research right away. 

On the off chance that the transaction is affirmed by the blockchain however not credited to your TradeKax account, kindly give us the TxID, token name, deposit amount and time and our client assistance will research right away. 

Name, deposit amount and time. Our client care agent will examine.

Withdrawal to a Wrong Address

Our framework starts the withdrawal procedure when you click on Confirm Withdraw. Withdrawal affirmation messages can be recognized by their titles beginning with: "TradeKax Confirm Your Withdraw Request From your Email ". 

On the off chance that you've erroneously withdrawn any resources for an off-base address, we can't find the best possible collector of your assets and give you any further help due to the anonymized idea of Blockchain networks. On the off chance that you have sent your coins to an erroneous address unintentionally, and you realize that this address has a place with another stage, you are recommended to contact the client care of that specific stage.

Missing Withdrawals

On the off chance that you experience an issue with your as of late withdrawn resources as yet missing in the collector stage, if you don't mind check the comparing withdrawal history attached to that transaction. For insights concerning your withdrawals, it would be ideal if you visit the 'Withdrawals History' page in your User Center. 

Regularly, a TxID will be produced inside an hour, showing that the exchange has started on the comparing blockchain. At the point when the TxID is created, click on 'Check' to one side of the TxID to check its transaction status and affirmations on the blockchain. Here are the means to pursue while checking the affirmations tally: 

In the event that the blockchain shows that the transaction isn't affirmed, it would be ideal if you sit tight for the affirmation procedure to be finished. This shifts relying upon the blockchain network. 

In the event that the blockchain shows that the transaction is as of now affirmed, it implies that your assets have been conveyed effectively and we can't give any further help on this issue. You would need to contact the proprietor/bolster group of the goal address to forseek further help. 

On the off chance that the TxID has not been produced 6 hours in the wake of tapping the affirmation button from the email message if it's not too much trouble contact our Customer Support for help and append the withdrawal history screen capture of the significant transaction. 

We will deal with your case once we get your solicitations.



How to Handle Order Problems ( Exceptions)

1. In the event that your order has not been executed: 

It would be ideal if you check the choose order's cost in the open orders segment and confirm whether it has coordinated the counterparty order (offer/ask) with this value level and volume. 

In the event that you might want to speed up your order, you can consider dropping it from the open orders area and presenting another order with a progressively aggressive cost. For brisk settle, you may likewise consider utilizing market order. 

2. In the event that you've experienced different issues, similar to powerlessness to drop your orders or coins not being credited to your record after an effective trade, it would be ideal if you contact our Customer Support group and give screen captures that will report: 

The order subtleties; 

Mistake code or special case message

What Do "Maker" and "Taker" Mean?


At the point when you put in a request that trades quickly, by filling somewhat or completely, before going on the order book, those trades will be "taker" trades. 

Trades from Market orders are consistently Takers, as Market orders can never go on the order book. These trades are "taking" volume off of the order book, and in this manner called the "taker." 

Breaking point IOC and Limit FOK orders (open by means of the API) are additionally consistently Takers, for a similar explanation. 


At the point when you put in a request that goes on the order book halfway or completely, any consequent trades originating from that order will be as a "maker." 

These orders add volume to the order book, making "the market," and are consequently named the "maker" for any resulting trades. 

Note: It is workable for a Limit GTC order (open by means of the API) to have traded as the taker and maker.

How to Use the Stop-Limit Function

A stop-limit order will be executed at a predetermined (or conceivably better) cost after a given stop cost has been come to. When the stop cost is come to, as far as possible order turns into a limit order to purchase or sell at the point of confinement cost or better. 

Clarification of SL (stop-limit) mechanics: 

Stop cost: When the present resource value arrives at the given stop value, as far as possible order is executed to purchase or sell the benefit at as far as possible cost or better. 

Breaking point value: The choose (or conceivably better) value that as far as possible order is executed at. 

Amount: The amount of resources for purchase or sell in as far as possible order.


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