2020-07-16 02:00:00 ~ 2020-08-16 02:00:00
Minimum Amount : 4000 TKX
Sold Amount : 419922/300000000 TKX
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TradeKax Exchange, the first IEO on TradeKax & 10% Commission for IEO

On July 16, the first IEO project implemented by TradeKax will officially allow USDT deposit to participate. This IEO project is also the token of TradeKax exchange, with the outstanding feature of selling only 15% of total TKX supply.

The IEO Tradekax sale will take place in FCFS format (first come, first served). TKX will be issued as ERC20 and be listed on TradeKax with over 50 trading pairs TKX/USDT, TKX/BTC, TKX/ETH, TKX/BNB, TKX/BCH, … within 24 hours after token sale.
In addition, Referers of friends who buy IEO will get 10% commission of the money that person used to buy IEO, paid in USDT,BTC, ETH( 10% of the total amount).
For example: The person you introduce, buy IEO with a total volume of 10000 USDT, you will receive 10% commission equivalent to 1000 USDT

Instructions to join IEO TKX
Step 1: Access the link to register for TradeKax account
Step 2: Complete KYC account with Passport / ID card and photo taken with portrait + piece of paper showing TradeKax + account registration date
Step 3: Send USDT to TradeKax
Step 4: Access TradeKax IEO, enter USDT amount to join IEO.
Note when joining IEO TKX
How to join: First Come, First Server, prioritize the earliest player
Time to join IEO TKX: July 16, 2020.

In parallel with the rushing development of IEO operations, many cryptocurrencies were created as a vague promise of the future of a product/service without any realism. Since day one, TradeKax has set its sights on becoming an exchange that serves the majority of users around the world in the best possible way and our cryptocurrency was created to accomplish that goal.
1. Use TKX to reduce transaction fees on TradeKax with attractive preferential policies
Any cryptocurrency trader has at least once encountered TKX. Because, since the launch of the exchange, TradeKax has used TKX to create a great trading experience for users. By using TKX to reduce transaction fees, users will be able to reduce transaction fees up to 90% of the normal fee when trading on TradeKax. (https://www.tradekax.com/fees).
2. Trade like an Altcoin
For crypto traders, TKX is a familiar altcoin. The rise of cryptocurrencies has given day traders a new game. Trade TKX and easy conversation with many trading pairs at tradekax.com.
3. Holding
Even at the moment, TradeKax is still committed to reducing the total supply of TKX in the quarterly market. Since its release, TradeKax will use its profits every quarter to buy back TKX and destroy it permanently. At times of market sentiment at the bottom, we maintain our commitment to increasing our TKX demand by strictly abiding by the destruction plan set out in the white paper.
4. Loyalty Points
TKX is the TradeKax platform user’s loyalty points, which can get corresponding benefits in the TradeKax ecosystem, including node benefits, related TradeKax and related cooperative project activities participation accesses, etc.
5. Store of Value
Value links for various application scenarios of the TradeKax ecosystem, including trading platforms, Boost, Launchpad, and other future TradeKax applications

6. Pay with TKX
Indeed, about 9/10 employees at TradeKax receive a portion of their salary as TKX. That’s the way TradeKax works — a natural move because we have absolute confidence in the vision of the company.
7. There is potential for future development:
For all of the above reasons, we can see that keeping TKX is extremely valuable, with increased demand, more payment means. It is not too hard to see that the growth potential of TKX is still very large.
TKX has always been the top favorite long-term portfolio. No one can predict exactly what will happen in the future, but at least for now, TradeKax still has smart steps to keep its position in the industry.


Tradekax (TKX)
2020-07-16 02:00:00
1 TKX = 0.00500000 USD
Bonus Lockup
1.500.000 USD
10.000.000 USD
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TradeKax is a trading platform for Cryptocurrency derivatives registered in England.  We are open to users and traders all around the globe including major Cryptocurrency financial hubs. We are serving as a trading platform for individuals investors/traders along as well as professional traders with derivatives gen. 
We offer online customer service providing trading solutions to our users under the timely deadline. We are committed to a transparent and efficient manner of trading to be fair with every investor on the portal. The trading products we offer to our users include BTC/USD, ETH/USD, XRP/USD etc... 

Tradekax is the most leading cryptocurrency exchange developed by a team of energetic, multi-skilled and vibrant problem solvers. Our aim is to open the doors of digital asset trading to as many people as we can and help them benefit from this with the development of an ever-improving exchange platform.

He had studied in UK for 5 years after graduating in Information and Technology from Van Lang University. He has 10 year of experience in information and technology development and over 5 years of experience in OTC and exchange-trade derivatives. He has a wide variety of different crypto currencies and have good knowledge of liquidity solutions. His deep understanding of trading platforms and technology associated with payment solutions has fueled Tradekax’ technology conceptualization.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/nn_tradekax

Graduating in International Trade Management. With over 5 years of operational experience in International Financial Markets. Tuan takes care of operations at Tradekax as Chief operating officer. His composure with respect to business development and understanding of the online derivative markets provide a crucial advantage for Tradekax.

Twitter : https://twitter.com/Tuan_Tradekax


His work is focused on the design, construction and analysis of secure network systems.
Majoring in Information Technology from Ho Chi Minh University of Science, he is a software engineer
with passion for crypto currency market.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kientrinhvan


Holding a first-class accounting degree from University of
Economics Ho Chi Minh City, she started her career as an auditor and
later moved on to financial advisory and business consulting with 9-year-experience.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Ngan_TradeKax

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